Characters Without Compromise


Ozone characters are

expressive & Engaging

  • Characters created in Ozone have a broader and more nuanced emotional range than characters created in traditional pipelines.
  • The same Hollywood magic that connects with audiences in the theater is the same emotional connection you get with characters created with Ozone.
  • With the Ozone rigging philosophy, tool design, and deformation algorithms Ozone characters are significantly more engaging, expressive, and diverse.

ozone enables artists to

Do more in less time

  • Ozone’s real-time rigs allow animators to work faster, increasing productivity and reducing project turnaround time.
  • Our reusable rigs enable faster character deployment, so artists can focus on creating engaging, expressive characters that can be used in multiple projects.
  • With our facial rig system, animation retargeting is a breeze, saving time and effort while producing high-quality results.
  • Optimized for modern architectures, Ozone is designed to be easy to use and to work seamlessly with the latest technologies, reducing compatibility issues and maximizing efficiency.

the ozone workflow creates

Greater Reuse

  • Create your character once in Ozone  –  then deploy and adapt it anywhere, including multiple real-time and online environments.
  • Update rig changes across an entire family of characters with minimal effort.
  • The production scalability and ease of use yields a better return on your character development investment, allowing shorter schedules.

Film & Commercial Works

Powered by Ozone

When a young teen gets lost in social media, she learns the only “like” she needs is the one she gives herself.

The new Netflix animated series ‘Super Giant Robot Brothers!’, produced by Reel FX and directed by Academy-Award winning director Mark Andrews (‘Brave’), is a cutting-edge virtual production in Unreal Engine. Ozone helped to transform every phase of the production process—from early visualization to final renders—on this high-end action-comedy show.

“Our animation team welcomes the real-time performance of Ozone in Maya, with Ozone delivering twice the frame rate they see in other rigs. Hitting animation quotas is now easier for us.”

“Using Ozone Rigging Studio, our production schedule was only 4 weeks for a character, instead of the 12 weeks we spent in other tools.”

“Our lead characters looked fantastic, especially their facial expressions, brows, lips, and the rest.”